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Warmer spring days are finally here, and as the true signs of spring begin to show, you’ll want to try a refreshing wine at a wine bar in Farmingdale. At Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, we offer an exceptional selection of over 30 wines by the bottle that are sure to delight your taste buds this spring. Please continue reading below to discover some of our favorite spring wines at Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro! Contact our Wine Bar in Farmingdale today to make a reservation!


Springtime Wines

Just as you would switch up your wardrobe for the spring season, you might want to switch up the wine you drink during the spring. Here are some of the wines we recommend this season at our wine bar in Farmingdale:

  • Riesling – Riesling is a crisp, dry white wine that boasts a floral aroma and fruity taste. You might recognize notes of apple, peach, or pear when you try a glass!
  • Sauvignon Blanc – Sauvignon blanc is a popular choice at Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro. This crisp, herbal white wine is perfect for warm weather and pairs great with seafood entrees. 
  • Rose – One of the most sought-after spring and summer wines is Rose. Rose is a light, balanced wine with fruity citrus and melon notes. 
  • Prosecco – Prosecco is a dry but sweet sparkling wine that often displays notes of green apple, pear, and honey. 
  • Pinot Noir – Spring is not complete without a glass of delicious Pinot Noir. While most people associate white wines with warm weather, Pinot Noir’s bright flavor and acidity make it a classic for the season! 

Vintage Wine Bar offers all of these delicious wines all year round. The next time you visit our wine bar in Farmingdale, share a bottle of wine with your friends and family and get $20 off of the bottle! 


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If you’ve been searching for an elegant wine bar in Farmingdale to host your next wine night, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro is the place to be. We offer an exciting array of delicious wine and tapas that are sure to put a spring in your step! Be sure to visit our website to make a reservation todayy