At Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, we are passionate about wine. When you visit our wine bar and Farmingdale, you’ll be met with a variety of delicious white wines that will go perfectly with a spring day! If you haven’t tried white wine and are curious to learn more, allow us to share our white wine collection available at our wine bar in Farmingdale!

Pinot Grigio

One of our most popular white wine choices available at our wine bar in Farmingdale is Pinot Grigio. Our Pinot Grigio is aromatic, zesty, and incredibly refreshing on a warm spring day. Pinot Grigio is a crowd-pleasing wine that pairs well with our lobster ravioli or our spinach artichoke flatbread pizza!


Another delicious white wine we offer is Moscato. Moscato is a delightfully sweet wine that is fragrant with aromas of citrus, apricot, fig, and orange blossom. Our Moscato pairs well with our shrimp po’boy sliders or with our meat and cheese board. 


Chardonnay is a complex, medium to full-bodied white wine that we serve at our wine bar in Farmingdale. You’ll note a divine fruity aroma with a hint of subtle oak. Enjoy a glass of Chardonnay with our sweet chili mango salmon or our delicious lobster bisque. 

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is summer in a glass! This citrusy, aromatic wine is destined to delight your taste buds. Try our Sauvignon Blanc chilled with our meat and cheese board or our Bianca flatbread pizza. 


If you’re not a fan of sweet wines, Riesling may be a good choice for you. This versatile white wine is a favorite among wine enthusiasts. Try pairing this vivid, hypnotic white wine with our creamy shrimp risotto or our octopus toast. 

When you’re looking for a new wine to try, let our team help you! Our staff is knowledgeable about which wines pair best with our menu. For a full list of our collections at our wine bar in Farmingdale, click here. 

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At Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, we are proud to serve a wide variety of delicious wines. If you are unsure about what kind of wine you like or would like to find out the tastiest wine and food pairings, our team is here to help! If you have any questions regarding our menu or would like to make a reservation at our wine bar in Farmingdale, be sure to contact us today!