Looking over a wine list may be one of the most difficult decisions during dinner. Over a thousand grapes are used to provide us with the delightful taste of wine yet only a few varieties are grown commonly all over the world. How do we know what meal to pair with our wine?

There are a few ways in which we can understand wines—by variety and by region. Although these approaches are accurate, they will have you sitting at the dinner table for quite some time.  Luckily, there are a few basic ways to distinguish all red, white, rose, sparkling and dessert wines as each of us have a different way in which our taste buds savor wines. 

First, there are full bodied and rich red wines. These red wines are higher in alcohol and in color. The darker the wine the better it is for one’s health as they are proved to help in cardiovascular health. Full bodied wines are best paired with bold flavored foods, like for example, Cabernet sauvignon would best be paired with smoked or red meats.

The medium red wines which are considered the “best pairing wines” because of the regional differences in growing grapes and wine making. These wines have the most variation and an example of medium red wines include merlot and zinfandel. Wine helps bring forth the food flavors such as pastas with red sauce, spiced and roasted meats and strong flavored spices such as rosemary, chili pepper, or cinnamon. 

In addition, light red wines have a slightly lower alcohol concentration, so if you don’t want to feel like you will get knocked in the head by your wine, light red wines such as Pinot Noir are the way to go.

Rose wines are the middle point of both white and red wines. Rose wines are usually served chilled and taste best with mediterranean foods. Spice rooted dishes taste flavorful with rose wines.

In contrast to full bodied red wines, rich white wines such as Chardonnay are best served with Crab, lobster dishes and soft cheeses. Zesty white wines, such as Pinot Grigio, are considered to be refreshers. Zesty white wines are best at a young age opposed to elder tasting wines to preserve its fruity taste and these wines are best paired with seafood, sushi, and green salads.

Sweet white wines tend to go best with asian cuisine, pungent cheeses, and various cakes, although sweet white wines are not considered a dessert wine yet they add a delightful balance to certain flavors.

Lastly, sparkling wines have high acidity and range from white, rose, and red color. Sparkling wine are known as “celebratory beverages” but match well with a wide variety of foods such as salty foods.

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