Have a sweet tooth after dinner? Why is it that so many of us crave something sweet even after having a meal that leaves us completely stuffed and having to loosen our top button of our jeans?  Studies show this can be the result of several variations such as psychological, biological, and even lifestyle-related reasons. It may be because your body is reacting based on a biological need as your sugar level may be low, or perhaps you just had a long day at work and need a little pick me up to seal the deal after a delicious meal. Regardless the predicament (if you want to avoid picking up a small pouch of candy to snack on, or don’t feel like baking that cake mix in the pantry closet), there are a variety of wines that are known as dessert wines to satisfy your craving.

Dessert wines can best be classified into five main categories as there are numerous flavors and brands. Sparkling Dessert Wine is high in acidity as the sensation of bubbles can assist in leaving your body to feel full while also dulling the sweet taste. Lightly Sweet Dessert Wine is suggested to be the perfect follow up for a spicy meal as they come with a fruit or vanilla based flavor. Richly Sweet Dessert Wine is made with the highest quality of grapes and can be produced in a variety of ways. It has a combination of sweetness along with acidity (so you can skip out on the soda). Sweet Red Wine, although itis not as popular nowadays, gets its name from its flavorful taste. A large handful of these wines are created from esoteric grapes originating in the country of Italy. The last category of dessert wines is Fortified Wine. This type of wine has the highest alcohol content out of the five and is derived when grape brandy is added to wine. It comes as either dry or sweet so you may choose based on what you desire.

There are a variety of wines you have to choose from for an after dinner delight. While breakfast may be the most important meal of the deal, dessert (and the wine that goes with it) is often the most highly anticipated!

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